Updated 2/6/2024

If you RSVP’d for an event between 2/1/24 and 2/5/24, it has most likely been lost due to our technical issues.  Please RSVP again for the event(s) you would like to attend.

Updated 12/11/2023

As announced at the monthly meeting, email is working for the majority of the members.  Some continue to have issues and it is unclear if the issue lies with settings within the member’s email provider or the recipient’s inbox but the club server settings are correct.  Please make a habit of checking your junk and trash folders for club emails as some filter there.

You can stay informed a number of ways.  

For event info, you can subscribe to our calendar using the subscribe button on the calendar page.  ALL PCC events will appear on  your calendar, not just the ones for which you sign up.

Since email providers like gmail, hotmail, or have reliable delivery, you can create an account there.  

Lastly, you can join our Facebook group.  For info about that or connecting a new email address, please contact Mo.